resourcepackage (version (1, 0, 0))

Automated embedding of resources in Python Packages/Modules
ResourcePackage provides the Python programmer with a
mechanism for automatically maintaining a collection of
resources embedded in Python source-code modules.
The basic approach taken is to embed one resource in
each python module of a package explicitly intended
to be a resource-only package.
See the doc sub-directory for documentation

Package Contents
             __init__ -- Automated embedding of resources in Python Packages/Modules
defaultgenerators -- Objects for doing generic data-as-code encoding
extract -- Script for extracting resources from a resource package
package -- Package object, manages package-related operations
scan -- Script for scanning/updating resources into a resource package
scanning__init__ -- Design-time for resourcepackage
setup -- Installs ResourcePackage using distutils
testres (package) -- Design-time for resourcepackage
testwx (package) -- Design-time for resourcepackage
wxgenerators -- wxPython-specific data-as-code extensions to defaultgenerators
             __author__ = 'Michael Colin Fletcher'
__license__ = 'BSD-Style, see license.txt for details'
__path__ = [r'p:\resourcepackage']
             Michael Colin Fletcher